Beach Restaurants in Dubai That You Need to Check

Beach Restaurants in Dubai That You Need to Check

Beach Restaurants in Dubai That You Need to Check

Beach restaurants in Dubai have the ability to magically transform a regular evening into a special and unique one. Luxuriating in a dining adventure at one of these eateries is a moment to let everything greet you. The white seasides of the shore, blue springs of the sea, and the picturesque sky of gloom embrace you with the myriad of essences from various sections of the globe. Whatever your taste of the dusk may be; you will discover the ideal restaurant that provides what you are asking.

From British and Greek specialities to the most genuine flavours from the Middle East, these eateries offer scrumptious and high-quality food along with a classic beachside environment. With premium options like Barasti, Seven Sands and Al Khayma endeavouring the most panoramic alcove views, there is no scarcity of beachside restaurants in Dubai.

Moreover, to endure the pleasantest outdoor seat arrangements and an amicable ambience Villa Beach and La Veranda are my clear suggestions. So whether your favourite is luxuriant setup, variation of food, spectacular views, or all of these, you have a plethora of alternatives to pick from. Every beachside restaurant here has something different to offer. You can spot these restaurants only when you luxuriate in a dining experience there.

  • Barasti


The pub faces the spacious areas of the Arabian Sea and is undoubtedly the centre of the social view in Dubai. The restaurant is well known for its great and worldwide selection of alcohols, voracious and delectable menu as well as delightful cocktails. This gastropub has 3 floors, the upper floor, lower floor, mezzanine and a sheesha space. Guess what the area is spacious enough to treat an enormous number of people.

The restaurant also proposes an all-embracing view of the marina, which is actually thrilling! This award-winning buffet features global quality cocktails. The place is positioned adjacent to the seaside along with excellent music and lip-smacking drinks. Stag entrance is customarily restrained at this restaurant.

The location of this restaurant is Al Sufouh Road, Dubai Marina.

The amazing cuisines here are Continental and Mediterranean.

  • Amaseena


At the Amaseena in Ritz Carlton Dubai, you can get your taste buds on a mission to explore the legendary savours of Arabian Cuisine. The Beach Restaurants in Dubai has been outlined in the form of Bedouin canopies. It will carry you to the antiquated days of yore, giving you a sense of royalty. The eatery has a genuine feast of provincial cuisines as well as all-time popular specialities.

You can enjoy your feast with the troop of pleasing Arabian melody that is performed live by the artists. Every Thursday and Wednesday, the Amaseena allows a live kibbeh and Kebab evening that is a family distinctive by chef Rami.

The location of this place is at Jumeirah Beach.

The restaurant features Arabian cuisine.

  • Captain’s


The most astonishing opinion about Captain’s in Dubai is its magnificent landscapes. The maritime theme that the title hints at is more than justified by its unsullied spot on the Jebel Ali Beach. The Hotel’s 800m range of special coast is a spot that grants a windswept view of the skyline that gathers into the Arabian Sea.

The surging tides and luminous heavens will heighten your dreamy feeling even further. Although Captains is a little far away off from the central city, it warrants the league with insane and jaw-dropping views. The Sheesha, harmony and the drinks are the pillars of this striking dining accommodation.

The location of this place is at JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort, Near Jaffa.

The restaurant features international cuisine.

  • Villa Beach

Villa Beach

Villa Beach is one of the most perfect beach restaurants that will assuredly take your whiff away with its ambience, place and cookery. This beach restaurants in Dubai gives you an exceptional representation of the Burj Al Arab. It also labours up the very best in the Mediterranean menu. The rains lapping at your heels will unquestionably make you sense as you have moved right into heaven.

Please perceive that the fame of the restaurant permits that you make bookings in advance. Beach feast under the Burj Al Arab is what is the main masterpiece and implicative value of this wonderful dining place. By evening it mutates into a slice of paradise and bliss adorned with shimmering sparkles!

The location of this restaurant is at Palm Jumeirah.

The restaurant features Mediterranean cuisine.

With that, it’s a wrap up for this post. I hope you enjoyed the best beach restaurants in Dubai. Visit the best ones and share your experience. Also, are you a beach person or normal restaurants? Do you love spending time at the beach? Check out the best beach activities in Dubai. The nightlife in Dubai is crazy and one should definitely experience it.

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