Explore Delicious Street Food in Dubai – Dubai Street Food

Explore Delicious Street Food in Dubai – Dubai Street Food

Explore Delicious Street Food in Dubai – Dubai Street Food

Arab Cuisine is likely one of the most sought-after and delicious menus across the world. And what more enjoyable spot to encounter it than Dubai. The town of Arabs – the melting cauldron of culture-where diverse cultures and religions have sparked its cuisine. Today we will have a look at the best street food in Dubai. Yes, you heard it right. The one which you will relish to the core.

Dubai has a worldwide attraction for its compositional and structural elegance and beauty. It is also known for its world-record roller plays, but it also has some wonders around the roads of the city. Dubai’s street food view is every traveler’s fantasy.

The Emirati Cuisine, as specified beforehand is a combination of various other cuisines such as Asian and Middle-Eastern cuisines. Usually, street food in the town comprises specialties from all around the world. Commonly used ingredients involve grain, dairy, meat (such as chicken, fowl, and camel meat is used for personal occasions). On the other hand, several seasonings include turmeric, saffron, cardamom, and thyme.

So, now without any further ado let’s have a look at some best street food in Dubai.

  • Oman Chips Roll

Oman Chips Roll

Oman Chips is a remarkably famous and local shard found in the Emirates. The oman chips form a strong part of every child’s teenage. Apart from the regional supermarkets, groceries, hypermarkets, every institutions’ canteens used to sell these chips. Do you know why? Well, because it was profoundly demanded by children and even the tutors! So, the hype around oman chips prevails as it was. The Oman Chips Roll is a plain roll with layers of cheese spread and inside are the smashed Oman Chips. These excellent rolls are perfect for a long-drawn road trip. It is also a famous street food in Dubai amongst the locals.

  • Madrooba


This dish’s title is spurred by a wide wooden spoon that is used in the formulation of this dish. The wooden spoon is practised to whisk the batter to get a very solid texture. Madhrooba is popular throughout Ramadan and numerous other festivities. The ingredients take a lot of time to cook which is why it may not be seen in a lot of eateries. However, it is a top option to make at your place as it is wholesome, fulfilling and nutritious.

  • Knafeh


After all the flavorings, the seasonings, and the principal meals, it is time for some sweets and desserts. And what better dessert to have than the commonly known as ‘Queen of the Desserts’-Knafeh. Served with garnishings at almost all middle-eastern cafes or a food court, Knafeh is a delicacy dish made with only sugary and rich cheese. The toppings of this dessert include sumptuous rose syrup which is drizzled over the platter. Guess what together it is the gooiest and the most delectable and flavorful fare you could envision.

  • Falafel

Falafel - Costs around AED 3-4

If Shawarma is every non-vegetarian’s beloved street food in Dubai, then Falefal is for vegetarian peeps. It is a close and extremely palatable option for every vegetarian. Falafel is a luscious snack which is chick-peas patty. The patty is deep-fried and tastes yummy. And when this falafel is shrouded in a chapati roll with crispy vegetables, greens, and several other stuffings, magic happens. This is the reason why falafel is one of the most famous and delectable street food in Dubai.

  • Harees


Harees is an Arab meal that is cooked from wheat and blended with meat. Since it is a preferred meal, multiple variants are found in diverse segments of the Arab peninsula. Many people prefer making it by brewing wheat whereas others prepare it with coarsely ground grain. People in different countries like uniting various toppings and seasonings in it. It is regularly served during Arab weddings, Ramadan and Eid ul-Fitr.

Well, that makes it to the end of this series. I really hope you guys love the street food in Dubai. In a site like Dubai, where cuisines from all around the globe serve the zest of the world unitedly, relish the menu the way it is deemed to be.

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